The Final 10 Percent

There is a certain magic to coming up with a new idea, or a new project. It’s exciting- you feel like you’ve got a great idea for something, and you’re gonna pull it off perfectly. Start planning it all out mentally, maybe write it down in a notebook, on a phone, computer, tablet etc. You get it all set up, and go ahead and jump in. Because, this project is gonna be amazing and you’re gonna devote 100 percent effort- therefore, the best time to start is today. 

So, you get through the early stages of whatever project it is you’re working on, an art piece, a short film, or maybe even something like an essay due in 2 weeks. Day 1. You’ve made a lot of progress already. Day 2, more of the same. The project is moving along nicely. You really are following through with it. You get to the point where everything is almost perfectly aligned, the “home stretch”. It seems as if the hardest part is over, the majority of the work is done, the project is near completion, and finishing up is all that is left.

Then I forget about it for a day. I figure the finishing touches will be easy, so I put it off for a day. Wait, I’ve got a test on Tuesday that I have to study for! For the sake of my test, I’ll put off completing that project over the weekend, so I can study.

Just like that, it’s been 2 weeks. That near finished product, the thing I’d been devoting so much time to, is sitting there. Just resting on the computer, 90 percent of a nice video waiting to be wrapped up and have a ribbon neatly placed on it. Ugh, its happened again. That final 10 percent.

Why is it that finishing something is so much more difficult than starting it? It really shouldn’t be, when you think about it. Starting a new creation requires much more mental effort- gotta conjure up an idea, write stuff down, organize blah, blah, blah. Yet its the last bit of editing, the publishing, and the final review that seems to be the most troublesome.

If I had a dollar for every project I started yet didn’t bother to finish, I’d have a bunch of dollars. I swear, it is one of the stupidest things I do. I start things and work on them like a mad man, get motivated, motivate others, just to ultimately procrastinate and let the egg go unsalted. It’s a metaphor.

Anyways, I know I’m not the only one with this problem. But still, it’s really no excuse. Although I have never been able to figure it out, to figure out why finishing the race is so much harder than just signing up. Here is to all of those projects this year that I started and are just waiting for those finishing touches- I raise my coffee to you. Then take a sip and finally sit down and complete them all. Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 4:36 AM


Motivation. Everyone wants it, everyone needs it. I’ve always wondered why some days I feel more motivated than others.

There are many ways to get more motivated. An easy way is to read a quote from someone that ‘strikes a chord’ within you. I have included some of the ones that resonated with me on this site.

But a quote isn’t always enough, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, just getting out there and doing it works- just doing or following through with whatever you had planned for that day.

And sometimes it is really hard to do that, for me at least. Like today. I just seemed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I guess. I had my alarm set for 11am, had a paper due at 1pm, so I figured I’d give myself 2 hours to wake up, eat, shower, and print the paper. Well. That is what I planned, but that isn’t what actually ended up happening. Slept in. Woke up at 12:35 pm, my school is a 20 min drive, still hadn’t printed my essay out. I rushed into my car, sped down the highway to school, swiftly printed out my essay, looking terrible and all, and turned it in at 1:02pm exactly. I then left school and went home to try and start things again- I had plans to get work done the night before. I was motivated when I went to sleep, but the rest of my day today was just off. Started on the wrong foot and never really recovered like I wanted to. Lost motivation as the day progressed I guess.

Occasionally getting your day started correctly makes a world of difference. And then again, some days you’ll wake up feeling motivated, get off to a great start, and then hit a wall. What do you do when you hit that wall? Well, here is what I do.

Get a coffee. This may not work for everyone, but when I have ran out of motivation or willpower, something enjoyable to have while trying to do or complete the tasks I have on my schedule helps. I like coffee, so I usually get one and then go back to doing whatever it was I was doing in the first place (usually homework, studying, maybe trying to create a new project).

Change it up a bit. Kinda vague, but essentially I just change my environment or surroundings. If I’m at home doing some studying and I hit a wall, I usually will drive to a coffee shop or some new sit down place. Just kinda refreshes the scene, makes me feel energized. No idea if that one will work for you.

Think. As a thinking kind of guy, I usually think about a lot of hypothetical situations. Here is an example. Say I am working on a short documentary, and its day 3 and I’m already getting lazy and considering putting off script writing for another day. I start to imagine the end result a bit, I guess fantasize it, but that sounds weird. However doing this motivates me, as I remember what my work is for- I imagine the big picture, not just the brush strokes.

Wow, I only listed 3 things. Welp, guess that means I need to find more ways to get motivated. Kidding, as long as it works, I don’t need to fix it. I write this post because this was an issue I encountered today; and I know that many, many, many people face this issue daily. Motivation. We all need it, like a vitamin. Who doesn’t need motivation? People like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Vincent van Gogh, etc, wouldn’t have been so successful/remembered if it weren’t for motivation. They kept going, despite it being difficult for them as well. It is hard for all of us some days- thats the point.

Don’t use that as an excuse though. Any day can be a motivational day.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 3:25 AM




What is up. If you are visiting this site, you probably don’t know why it exists. “Calming Introversion”? What does it mean? What is the point?

Well, I intend on making this site a website for people looking for insights on life. Really broad idea, but I think a good idea. I like to offer my views on things, my opinions, and my “philosophies”. So here is a little about me, to start off:

My name is Luca DeJesu, and I’m 20 years old. I have been told I’m a quiet person (an introvert) and a calm person- that is how I named my website. If I have anything to offer on here to readers, I think it will come from my main attributes. As for other things about me, there isn’t much as of now. I am currently in college, work as a barista in Starbucks, occasionally work on short films, and spend a lot of time thinking.

The most important part of all of that comes in one word: thinking. Being that I am only 20, there is a lot of the world I haven’t seen- but that doesn’t stop my mind from formulating opinions, ideas, and perspectives on things- which is what I plan on sharing.

So, in essence, come here to read some stuff from a guy who spent a lot of time thinking it out- and hopefully you will walk away with motivation/a new view/or just feeling better about things. I’ll do my best.