New Year Habits

I haven’t wrote a post in so long that I think I legitimately forgot how to start one. I guess there isn’t one solid way to begin a blog post, but I just sat here for 5 minutes not sure what the first word would be. That’s what I get for all but abandoning my blog the last few months of the year.

Actually, it wasn’t even the last few months of 2017 that I essentially forgot I had a website, rather the whole second half of the year was light on posts. I know exactly why, and it’s because I got lazy and forgot to keep up with it. That is a big portion of the reason why I even created my website in the first place- just to have something to consistently put effort into, so I would develop that habit. 

It’s the 4th of January now, and while I normally like having a set of ‘resolutions’ started on the very first day of the year, it doesn’t make much of a difference if it’s a few days later. After all, I have all the year to try and complete my resolutions. But, I want to stop calling them “resolutions”, because I don’t think what I have in mind are any kind of goals or things that can be checked off a to-do list and done with. There’s a difference between a resolution and a new habit, for certain.

As an example, if you read my blog early last year, you’d remember that one of my goals for 2017 was to simply learn the guitar, or have a decent handle on the basics by the beginning of this year. Well, not only did I forget about that, but I also held true to the idea of a resolution when I made that a priority – once you learn the guitar’s notes, strings, etc, you essentially ‘check that off’. I grew to really dislike that idea, that there are certain accomplishments I should have in a calendar year. Because, not only do those rarely get done in the span of 12 months, but they often do not have any long term impact, which is really what I think I should be going for this year.

I always try to develop better habits, and sometimes I trick myself into believing that I can take on one too many and end up getting nothing done. So, I think a better approach for myself is to just write down a few (maybe 2-3) life habits that I want to change/add and try to get those set in place before 2018 is over.

Last year, I wanted to just overall eat a healthier diet, and rely less on junk food. And, for most of the year, I did that- I kind of let loose the past few months, because I got bored. But, even from that small change, I learned a lot about diet and how it affects you. I started paying attention to the nutrients in my breakfast, started researching why your body needs the food you eat, and even today I’d say I am better off because of the stuff I learned trying to accomplish that habit.

If I can do something like that this year, where I develop a habit that becomes second nature to me by next year, then I have something clear that I can take away from the year. It’s a bit pointless to me to create a list of goals to simply accomplish, because the numerical year doesn’t really have anything to do with that. I’d much rather have a new year be a turning point in some bad habit or the creation of a new good habit.

I have a lot of things I feel I should change- sleeping schedule, self control, diet (again), exercise habits, eliminate procrastination- the list goes on. I kind of have to look at this group of things first before I decide what I need to be focusing most on. This is sort of my process for making progress, so go ahead and read on if you’re interested.

Well, first and foremost, like I said, I need to visualize the actual things I wanna do. For me, writing this blog post is doing just that- I’m making sure I’m not forgetting by actually putting it to the keyboard. I need to do this personally, because I tend to be forgetful. Organization is something I can be good at if I put the effort in, I just constantly don’t, so my website was also made in part to help that out.

Second, I try to get myself to understand that I realistically can’t make all of these changes all at once for this year- I feel like I’m not alone when I say I try really hard to get all of my stuff done early and all-at-once (the first few months of the year), and then just end up getting nothing done because I didn’t focus particularly well on any one things. Spreading attention is not very effective, and it’s always going to be a better bet to choose a few of these resolutions and choose the most important. For me, I think a better sleeping schedule should be priority one. I have always stayed up late, and I usually sleep a bunch, so a lot of my days this past years have been cut short, and that needs to stop. Being up late at night is really enjoyable to me, however, because I have alone time and most of my friends want to hangout then anyway. But, I have stayed up too late for too long- and I lose a lot of potential productive hours in the day because of it.

So, next step for me is to put a more detailed plan for the goal. I’m going to make it my goal to go to sleep no later than 2 am. I know- 2 am is still late- but trust me, for me, it’s not. I also need to be getting good sleep, but not oversleep, so I wanna roughly be up before 11 am on most days. Again, not early to you, but very early for me. By doing something like this, putting a rough frame around the resolution, I think it makes things a bit more practical and easier to adhere to.

This is one of the things I wanna fix about myself this year. Another thing? My website. I really need to make 2018 the year where I consistently post updates to my blog- maybe once a week at the least- because it really does make me become more productive overall. If I write, I seem to remember that I have stuff going on every day, because I’m doing a bit of work- it may be easy and sometimes fun, but sometimes it’s not, and there is a bit of willpower required to write regardless of the circumstances. Having the responsibility of blogging every so often gives me something to capture my attention regularly, and makes sure that I’m not procrastinating on at least one thing.

Here’s to the best year yet.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 3:36 PM


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