Clinical Procrastination

This site still exists.

I need to put that there because, at this point, a lot of people who followed my blog probably have wondered if I’ve just thrown in the towel on blogging. Well, I haven’t, I’ve just forgotten time and time again to write stuff. I’ve even planned a few posts, put them off a few days, and then days morph to weeks, and here we are, the 2nd or maybe 3rd post in ~2 months.

It’s a shame because I’ve always acknowledged that ‘consistency is key’ and all of that, yet I have periods where I ignore that statement completely. Truly, if I want a consistent and true following on anything, I’d have to learn to push past procrastination.

The mighty, infamous, procrastination. Likely, you’ve done it before, you’ve heard your friend talk about it before, and you’re pretty familiar with the word itself. It’s the lazy man’s choice in high school- why do today what you can out off ’til tomorrow? Well, because it’s a habit, and in some ways, an addiction.

I don’t mean to say I’m addicted to procrastination, because I hate the act, but I seem to constantly keep coming back to it. Just ask my Mom what my biggest weakness is; she will probably tell you all about my procrastination issue.

It’s almost to the point now where it feels somewhat involuntary. Like, I procrastinate so often that it’s just part of ‘the process’ at this point. It has seemed uncontrollable at times, but that may be a bit dramatic.

For example, my New Year’s Resolutions tell the story pretty well. I said I’d learn guitar, I did for about 3-4 months, and now I haven’t picked up the instrument since June. I also made it a point that I’d get a documentary churned out by this year, and although I actually saw that goal to completion, it took maybe 2 months longer than I planned it to. I also have just generally procrastinated this summer a lot- oil needed to be changed on my car at the end of June, routine maintenance light needs to be shut off, need to finalize my decision on a college to go to after this semester, etc. The list really goes on and on, and I feel like addressing the issue (procrastination) only slightly alleviates the problem, yet I haven’t been able to more or less ‘cure’ myself of it. It’s truly the one symptom of ADD that I believe I actually do have. Earlier this year, when I was on ADD medication and still weighing the chance that maybe “yeah, I do have ADD”, that was the one thing that strung my curiosity along: I am a master procrastinator. That is the one thing that made me think I maybe did have ADD, because when I look objectively on my life and the sort, I’ve always stumbled upon putting things off until tomorrow. I still have iOS9, I have been clicking the ‘remind me tomorrow’ button on my laptop for months, you get the point. I can stop it though, if I wanted to. Wait, but, can I? It’s the same kind of thing drug addicts say about their drug addiction. Well, I could stop smoking if I wanted to. I could never open another bottle of beer if I truly desired that. Well, think about it- could you? 

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 3:56 PM

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