Self Control

The elusive virtue.

Well, maybe not for you, but for me definitely. I have a weak sense of self control, I really do. And I’m not proud of it, obviously. But, it is definitely one of my weaknesses.

Self control is just the ability to ‘say no’ to certain things, or to hold back from doing something, in an effort to be tter a situation. In everyday life, it manifests itself in eating habits, what you say, what you spend money on, those types of things. It’s essentially the power to hold back on something.

The religious theme of “resisting temptation” is exactly what the concept of self control is about. Could you say no, would you say no, or did you say no? If you had the choice and did, then that’s a point in the self control category.

The past few years, I haven’t scored a whole lot of self control points. I’ve become more and more lenient on ‘letting things slide’. It is what happens when you become less disciplined, in essence.

Why does a person become less disciplined? Is it because they don’t care anymore, because they’re lazy, or did they just get tired of doing it? I don’t really know. One of the things that would always prevent me personally from doing something dumb was anxiety- the fear of what could happen, or the negative thinking that correlates with higher anxiety can be a self control moderator in itself. But, that’s not really you- anxiety can’t be the thing that holds you back. If it is, then is it really you that has good self control, or is it just your mental anxiety? To me, I never wanted to credit anxiety with anything. And, now that I’m a few years older, I don’t have as much anxiety as I used to (thankfully)- so, consequently, I worry less. Worrying less may have led to further lenience on having a discipline of self control. The more confident you are, the more choices you can make, It’s true- it opens doors when you leave anxiety in the rearview.

Again though, I’m not sure if that’s what explains it. I’ve always had issues with saying no to things that I want, I’ll just say that I used to be better at it. Nowadays, I think I generally make better diet decisions, but that’s because I feel like I have to- I don’t make an earnest effort to workout anymore. I’ve got a bad habit about going back to old habits without breaking them. That’s a form of low self control. Having the courage to say “I shouldn’t say this to this person” or “I’m better off leaving this alone” is something I consistently find myself failing at, it’s frustrating.

I swear this blog isn’t going to become a 24/7 negative post-fest. I just realized it must seem that way. The few posts I have published in the past few months have all had some kind of negative tone it seems. There are plenty positive posts to come!

I shouldn’t just talk about my self control issue, I’ve got to work on it. It’s a virtue that really everyone should work towards. Think about how many times that lack of self control has gotten you or someone you know into trouble. Or how many times it caused you to slip up or be setback. It’s the culprit of a lot of that, isn’t it? Well, at least it is for me.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 12:30 AM

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