Turn Offs

I really had to think for a while about what to write today. It usually takes a bit of mental effort, anyway, but I thought of something fun to write about. Turn offs. Stuff that makes a person look less appealing to me. It sounds pretentious, but I’ll probably do a “turn ons” post at some point, so just know that.

Everyone has turn offs and turn ons, and they can be specific, or vague, but regardless, they exist for everyone. Some people have more than others, those people are usually referred to as picky. I try not to be picky because it’s just of no use, and I don’t wanna parade around like I’m better than everyone else. The site’s motto should say that I don’t view myself that way, but talking about preferences can give off that vibe. Maybe you agree with some of mine. They aren’t so unique or anything, some are, and some are ultra-common.

One big turn off to me is rudeness. I’ve kinda stated that before, and I feel that’s a universal turn-off. I mean, who is turned on by a rude person? It’s important to me, in a friend or a crush, that the person cares about other people’s feelings. Again, this isn’t groundbreaking or anything, it’s not that exciting, I know. But, for me, if a girl is rude, no matter how hot she is, I just can’t.

Okay, I’ll try and be more specific with this next one. Being high energy. Yeah, that’s a bit less relatable. I’m gonna talk about crushes, or girls, in specific for this one. A lot of my guy friends, I’ve noted, go for these extroverted, high energy, always-wanna-be-doing-something kind of girls. I just never really felt attracted to that. You know, it’s a strange saying, the saying that ‘opposites attract’. Like, is that even true? I mean, naturally, I should be attracted to high energy and social women. I’m a bit of a somber, quiet person, so it’d make sense, according to the whole ‘opposites attract’ thing, that I’d seek a girl with that extroverted quality. To balance things out, to be the ying to my yang, or whatever. But, no. I get the appeal, logically. A girl who is always unpredictable and a go-getter can be a bit fun and intriguing. I’m not saying I don’t like girls that are unpredictable or self-driven, rather I’m saying that I like quiet girls. It’s not like it’s super rare to like a laid back, quiter person, it’s just kinda throwing me off that I do. That’s never a deal breaker, however, like rudeness is. It’s just a preference. And, I don’t understand it, but maybe alikes attract?

I prefer a girl who is honest about her emotions rather than one that plays games. Sometimes, head games can be fun. Some girls love playing them, it’s like throwing some bait out and tugging the line around playfully. But, those kind of people that just won’t stop with them are a big turn off. It’s fun at surface level, but when it starts psychologically affecting me, it’s just a big no from there on out. I think a lot of girls are afraid to express how they feel, because they think it’ll make them vulnerable, or seem desperate. In many cases, though, saying stuff straight up works just fine. If a girl likes me and dates me, I want her to be really into me. I don’t want a distant partner who is constantly making me question if they even like me. I know too much caring is clingy, I get it, but that doesn’t mean cut it out completely. Specifically, I’m talking about this kind of thing: A girl misses you, but you didn’t respond last time you two texted. You post a picture on instagram, and she starts to realize she misses you. But, because you didn’t respond last time, she refuses to text you so she doesn’t look weak or potentially desperate. For pride’s sake, essentially. I hate that kind of thing. If I miss someone nowadays, I text them, straight up. I don’t go around with some kind of image of power I have to keep. It goes back to just being honest about things.

Those are a few, I don’t really have a laundry list of them. There are a lot of positives to every single personality type, really. So, I try not to have a bunch of turn offs that make- or-break things. Okay, that wraps this post up.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 3:56 PM

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