Dream Dilemma

Have you ever had a dream that was just intensely vivid? Like one that you woke up in the morning thinking I can’t believe that didn’t actually happen.

Maybe a lucid dream, even, one where you are consciously aware that you are dreaming, so you can control what you do in it. If you haven’t heard of the concept of lucid dreaming, you should definitely look it up. It’s interesting, and if you’re into to that kind of thing, you can allegedly practice it and actually make yourself have a lucid dream.

I’m not too interested in practicing dreaming, because I’m a bit of a “dream addict”. A little backstory, since around June of last year, I’ve had vivid dreams every night. Like, every night. Sometimes I can recall up to 5, detailed dreams in one lone night- others, I can only recall one- but regardless, if I think about them enough, I’m able to recall events on a microscopic level almost. I can remember what people say, how they say it, what they were wearing in the dream, I’ve even remembered what someone tweeted in one of my dreams. A specific tweet.

Sounds fun, but it’s not that fun because 1.) It’s abnormal and I don’t know why it’s happening and 2.) I wake up exhausted every day, regardless of what amount of sleep I got. And, you might ask why #2 has anything to do with dreams, well, you remember your dreams when you wake up in REM sleep. During REM sleep, your mind is as active as it is during the day, only you’re not awake, so your brain compiles memories and info to create a story (dream) while it’s active. Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers them, either because they are deep sleepers and basically never wake during REM sleep, or they don’t get enough REM sleep. However, since I remember them every night, and sometimes 3-4, one thing is evident: I’m waking up during REM sleep- often. And, thus is likely why I’m always tired. If you have fragmented sleep, you can end up feeling like you didn’t have any sleep at all. Anyways.

I wanna just tell some of my dream stories now. That’s why I wanted to post this, because it’s always fun to hear about what someone has dreamt of. To hear of their dream world.

For starters, I can very easily tell why I dream most of what I dream. I can connect certain events to certain things that happened the day before; example: dream of a dog barking at me because my dog wouldn’t stop barking yesterday.

Another note: not all of my vivid, “intense” dreams are all that interesting, to tell you the truth. They’re interesting in the sense that most of them just feel so much like reality that it’s near impossible to distinguish them from it. It’s also important to note that I (luckily) basically never have wet dreams. I say luckily because having a wet dream that would have felt so realistic would be very annoying when I woke up the next day feeling disappointed and also, well, dirty. Luckily, I don’t really have those. There are still some interesting ones, so just keep reading.

One lucid dream I had was when I was driving up this street near my house, and for some reason I drove all the way up to the corner house. I recognized all of it, because I drive past it all the time. There was nothing to make me believe it was fake, until I got out of my car and went to knock on the door. The door opened, and it was the mom of one of my childhood friends. A friend I hadn’t seen since I was like 6 years old, but it was his mom greeting me. This is what made the dream lucid- I knew that my old friend Isaac didn’t live at that house. He lived in Garland. That’s when I realized that this oh-so-realistic setting was in fact, just a dream. And, as soon as you realize that you’re in a dream, you can do whatever you want. I felt anxious when she greeted me at the door, because I knew I was about to be awkward as hell- anytime I see someone I haven’t talked to in a while, I get kinda awkward- I don’t know what to say. But, then I thought to myself “This is just a dream. No matter what I do in it, no one but me will know. If I’m awkward, only I’ll know it.” So, I said hey to her, and then just walked in. It’s a dream, who gives a fuck? And, there Isaac was, playing Gamecube. I love Gamecube, I still have one and play it. He said hey to me, and then showed me his extensive Gamecube game-collection. He had all of the titles I wished I still had, like Paper Mario, Mario Party 4, Cubivore, Super Smash Bros Melee, etc. All just sitting there lined up. So, what did I do? I just stole them, right in front of him. He didn’t even care, and who is he to care, this is my dream after all. So, there I was, jacking all of my old best friend’s favorite games, and just walking out the door. But, like all dreams, the time to wake up has to come. So, I did wake up- expectedly without a treasure trove of Gamecube games, but still. I’d say waking up sleepy was worth it in this instance, it was fun to just do whatever I wanted.

So that was a lucid dream, I don’t have those often. Even though nearly all of my dreams feel real, I rarely ever lucid dream, but it happens. A good example of a non-lucid dream would probably be one where I was staying in this huge hotel with my friend Kevin. I don’t know why we were staying there, but for whatever reason, we brought a Gamecube to the hotel room and were playing it (I promise not all of my dreams have Gamecubes in them). We were playing some Mario game, when we got to a part of the game where it was supposed to be scary. In fact, we’d heard the cutscene in this part was so terrifying that many people stopped playing when they got to it. So, we turned off the Gamecube and went to explore the huge hotel, when we ran into fucking Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th. He was standing down the long hallway, machete and all, when he started running at us. So, naturally, we ran to the elevator, where they’re were like 20 floors to go to. We were on floor 7 (see, told you- I can remember minute details of these dreams). We knew we had to avoid him so we didn’t, you know, get fucking murdered, so we chose to go to floor 2. When the elevator opened up, we talked to a guy who told us that Jason was (in fact) trying to  kill us out of everyone, but that we could actively check where he was by looking on a map in the elevator. So, we did, and we saw he was making his way to the 2nd floor, so we hurriedly went to the top floor where we found an auditorium filled with people listening to a woman giving a motivational speech. We decided to hide among the crowd, thinking that Jason wouldn’t be able to seek us out among hundreds of people. We waited there for what seemed like an hour, until, bam, he showed up at the auditorium entrance, looking around for us. We decided just to stay put, and wait it out. Eventually, after looking from afar, but not being seen by other people, Jason just left the auditorium. Kevin and I decided it was safe to leave now, so we went back to our hotel room, and tried to muster the courage to play that ‘really scary cutscene’ in the Mario game, but I thought of something better. Instead of us playing it and getting creeped out, we could see if YouTuber Pewdiepie had a playthrough of it, so we could see it without actually playing through it ourselves. I went on my laptop, typed it in the search bar, and sure enough Pewdiepie had a playthrough video  of it. So we watched it, and yep, it was fucking creepy. It involved King Boo from the Mario games and some old haunted music being played, and that’s all I recall. I remember waking up that day and being so relieved that Jason was just a fictional character.

Given that I have a few of these insane dreams per night, and that I’ve had them nearly every night for a year, do the math and that could be up to like 600 dreams in about 10 months. I’ve got plenty I could share, some interesting, some not, but it’s good material to write about, I think. Dreams have always been fascinating to me.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 5:15 PM

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