What is up. Friday afternoon and I’m inspired to write something. I’m trying to write daily still, and while it’s hard to muster up new inspiration for a brand new post daily, it’s also a bit fun. This post is about some ideas that have been hiding in the back of my mind for a while, and I thought I’d be doing them a disservice if I didn’t post at least something about them.

I like the idea of a “spark”. There is a Coldplay song named Sparks, and no, I didn’t name this post after it. Couldn’t really think of a better word to fittingly, yet subtly, title this one.

Sparks, in any sense of the word, are exciting by nature. Examples of these to me include: a new crush, a new job, a creative idea, and there are many more. A spark, to me, generally revolves around two things: 1) something new and 2) (by nature) something exciting. They infuse you with renewed sense of life, optimism, and the similar. That’s why they’re so fun to think about. Sounds kinda dramatic. That, though, is what’s been brewing in my conscious for a while. So I’ll get a little personal and talk about the sparks that have flown about.

I haven’t really had a new crush in a while, to be honest. Not really meeting anyone new at school is at fault, but also me not getting out nearly as much as I did previously is also at fault. It’s exciting to have crush, isn’t it? You have to admit- even if you don’t want to- that it is enticing, to say the least. I have empathy for my friends when they wanna geek out to me about their relationship, person of interest, or whatever, because I understand that. Girl  Guy talk. It is those kind of intangible ideas that can bring positivity to any kind of situation, so I’m really all for it. It does not annoy me, so if you’re reading this, just know I’m all ears.

Sometimes, though, I feel I shouldn’t talk about those things. Or maybe, it’s because you really can’t. That’s happened with me before. You can’t go blab about a new girl you’re into if that girl is taken. That means you have to hold your tongue, bide your thoughts. Or, maybe you don’t wanna share that information. Maybe you’re more satisfied with just thinking about a crush. I fall into that category, but at the same time, there are certain things I can’t say about those topics. I’ve been into taken girls before, and I’ve always told myself to rule them out of these “crush equations”. It’s not that easy, though, because you can’t refute your feeling. Hell, this idea even inspired LL Cool J to make a song about it. It’s called Hey Lover. And while I wouldn’t go as ‘in-depth’ as he did in that song, I can sympathize with that idea. When it comes down to it, though, what I do in that situation is just wait. Until either A) I get over the person B) I find someone else to crush on or C) something out of my control happens (a breakup, for instance). I’m not the kind of person to directly interfere with a relationship. I never will be. It’s a complicated situation, developing a crush, but regardless of the case (single or taken) it’s still fun to find new interest and allow it to rent space in your head for a while. I’ve got one of those. It’s a spark. I’m not saying anything but I’m saying something, in a sentence.

A new idea is something to always get excited about. It’s way more fun, to me, to brainstorm future ideas than it is to actually work on them. Haha. That felt so terrible to type out, because I hate that it’s true. I think one of the reasons I have so many undone projects is because it is way more appetizing to creatively think up new ideas rather than actually do the dirty work to make them happen. It’ll always be that way, though. Sure, picturing a movie that you personally will direct, write, and star in is an entertaining prospect. Yet, when it comes to all of the days required to see that idea come to fruition, the excitement of it fades over time. But, those kind of sparks, the creative blueprints, need to be kept and their inspiration must be stretched and prolonged. I think Robin Williams had a quote that was something like:

“You’re only given a spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it”

It was something along those lines. It’s a good quote for this idea- while he’s referring to stuff in life in general, it works the same for these brainstormed ideas. You sit down and think of the perfect drawing to do. A week later, you kinda get bored or working on it, so you stop. Well, you just lost all the importance of that creative breakthrough you had when you thought up the drawing idea. So, keep the spark, work through the boring parts, in order to make that spark count. Because, the great thing about it is that when you’re done, you can begin a new spark. And, all that dopamine induced thinking will happen again.

There are a million other things I’ve gotta be thinking about right now, like school, work, plans for the future, and other stuff. Is spending time to reflect on the little things that spark a wise idea? Well,no, but, yeah. I think so. Sometimes, it’s good to allow these things to run their course, to take up time, because they’re new, and they only contribute to happiness. End deep post.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 5:25 PM

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