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Hello again. It’s Saturday and I wanna talk about something cool, science. 

I always tell people my favorite school subject is science. Broad term that can encompasses things as interesting as stem cell research, and also includes difficult and intimidating physics equations.

But, regardless, I claim that it is my passion. I don’t like saying that, because I’m no scientist, I’m just a 20 year old who enjoys looking up stuff on the internet. However, it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed. From being a 7 year old and researching exotic frog species in books, to being 16 and trying to find a major. It all comes back to science, so let’s talk about it for a moment.

Biology, in specific, is one of the most intriguing fields to me. I really enjoy taking notes about cancer research, various functions of the immune system, how we fight off illness, how the brain functions. Because, these things impact us directly. Sicknesses, ailments, medications- they all affect our everyday life. Whether we like it or not, science holds most of the answers for us. Without it, we may not be able to advance at all. Understanding and uncovering new things in this world comes mainly through the medium that is this area of study called science. I see it that way, others see it that way, and it makes me realize the sheer importance of it.

I always tell people I believe in God. I’m not very religious, however, I can’t take credit for that. I don’t read the bible regularly, I have never been to church, and I come from a family that is fairly distant from religious practice. However, I still believe someone made us  all. And, when I tell people this, I feel they immediately assume I reject evolution or some shit. No, I don’t, I just like having peace of mind. I trust my gut, but don’t think someone can’t believe in something that helps them be a better person AND believe scientific studies.

Anyways, there’s a reason I wanted to write about this today. A YouTuber who I’ve followed for quite some time, Furious Pete, has told the world he has cancer. Again. 

This is sadly the 3rd fucking time. Peter Czerwinski is a competitive eater and bodybuilder. A little background into why I found love for this guy: when he was 17, he was diagnosed with anorexia, a well known eating disorder. So, what’s the logical thing to do here? Well, Pete didn’t just beat anorexia, he straight up buried the illness. He is now 6’2 and around 240 pounds of sheer muscle and strength. He has become famous for his competitive eating and bodybuilding. He is, simply put, amazing, in my opinion. The man is a source of inspiration, and his videos are very well put together. He deserves all of his fame.

In 2014, I watched a video of this man crying because he got testicular cancer. He didn’t back down, he kept lifting weights, deadlifted a new goal of 700 pounds during this time, and, he beat it. It remitted- until, it came back, a year later. He had to summon sheer willpower to go on once again. And, guess what? He beat the disease for a 2nd time. 

And, this week he posted a video called “My final battle”. I reluctantly clicked the video, knowing what it would likely be about- and, sure enough, he’s gonna have to battle cancer for a third time. This time, he’s not crying, he’s determined, he’s certain he’ll defeat it once and for all. And, he will. I know it.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get all depressing there. But, every time I hear about cancer, it reminds me of why I value scientific research so much. I know many people felt the same as a teenager, that they wanted to be someone who found a “cure for cancer”. It’s crazy how one disease can be do devastating yet in a morbid sense, inspiring. No one wants to  get a terminal illness. It’s something that demands attention because it’s threatening. It can take the most valuable asset anyone has, life.

Many people argue that a cure has been discovered yet it’s hidden because the cancer research pulls in a lot of money from donations. I don’t know if I believe this or not. If, in fact, someone has discovered a cure, it’s not simply the cure for cancer. Cancer has many different forms- lung, breast, colon, etc. There isn’t one cure. There has to be many.

Cancer is an uncontrolled divide of a cell, as most of us know. It happens when a cell divides and multiplies uncontrollably, causing a tumor or growth. Sometimes it can be benign and harmless, other times it can cause cancer. But, regardless, this disease has a lot of research that needs to be done on it. It will fuel research scientists for years to come.

I’ve been reading up causes for cancer, because many (fucked up, I might add) vegans are commenting on Pete’s video about how he deserves cancer because of his diet. There’s a YouTuber named “Vegan Gains” who has made a video every time Pete has announced he has to battle the terminal illness again. He essentially rubs the diagnosis in his face, claiming that meat consumption is the obvious reason for his cancer. First off, fuck this guy. Like, I don’t dislike vegans at all, in fact I envy their will power to tackle such a difficult diet for such good reasons. I couldn’t last a week on veganism. However, fuck Vegan Gains and anyone who’s telling a man he deserves to die. Cancer is caused by many different things.

And this is another way in which science is awesome. You can use it to defeat dumbass pricks like Vegan Gains. Vegan Gains claims he makes his videos to inform Pete about what causing his cancer, yet he joked about making a “Haha, Furious Pete’s gonna die of cancer” shirt and selling it. Not kidding. That’s who this dude is. No coincidence his name is Richard, in other words, Dick.

Back to my point, science shows us that this guy’s an idiot. Cancer is non-discriminative. Competitive eating has no correlations to cell masses. Red meat, processed meat, however has been linked. I just read an article on 116 things that can cause cancer. One hundred and sixteen.

Getting away from hate-talk, I think it’s clear that learning about the field of science is ever important. That’s why I like it, in general. It helps us get better. It helps us move forward. I will refuse to believe there is anything negative about the study of science.

Alright. End of tangent-filled post. Enjoy your day everyone, and go learn something cool.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 3:00 PM 

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