Ten Things That Annoy Me

GOOOOOoooooooooooood afternoon ma mothafuckas. Today is Thursday, February 16th and it’s a great day to blog. I feel slightly guilty every time that I blatantly ignore the sunny weather and choose to sit inside a coffee shop instead. It’s like the sun is putting so much effort into getting me outside and active but I’m just saying fuck you, sun, drugs like caffeine are more important. Maybe that’s why I prefer cloudy days. No one is gonna get on to you for staying inside or going to get some coffee when it’s all quote-unquote blah outside. Actually, no, I go outside more when it’s cloudy anyway. Cloudy is just better. End of debate.

It’s been clear skies and sun for nearly two whole weeks now. It’s getting old. Give it up, el sol. You can only persist for so long.

Bright light is nice for certain things, but it warms things up, and the temperature here in Dallas has been hovering around mid-70s for the past week or so. It’s February. It kind of annoys me, because in a month’s time the temperature will rise back to the 90s and stay there until October. Just give me two weeks of 30-40 degree weather, and maybe a “snow day”. I put it in quotations because it’s never really a true snow day in Texas.

Speaking of things that annoy me. I don’t know why I thought of this topic to write about. There isn’t any specific reason, which sometimes there is. Sometimes something happens during the day and it spurs me to write about it. Today, though, I’m not annoyed, no one has annoyed me, but I figured this is somewhat interesting to write about. And hopefully interesting to read about, too.

I’ll go ahead and go old fashioned here and write a “top ten list”. Ten things that annoy me. In no order, and I’ll likely forget something, as there have to be more than 10 total annoying things in this world. Anyway-

  1. Chameleon Personality: I just coined that term right then and there. You know how chameleons can change color depending on surroundings right? Well, I’ve witnessed people do this. No, not literally change skin color, of course, but rather change their personality. And, I’m referring to changing it depending on who they are surrounded by. You know how when you were 16 and going out for a night with a guy friend and a few girls, and then BAM- all of a sudden your friend starts acting douchey to impress the girls? Well, not to throw any of my friends under the bus, but I’ve been around people who do this. It doesn’t even have to be around girls. It can just be around a group that they’re trying to fit into, or another friend they’re trying to impress, etc. They start changing how they act, and you know it because in your head you’re thinking you literally never do shit like this. And why are you flexing constantly? That has to be one of the most annoying things to me. Stop faking it. Be yourself, regardless of who’s watching.
  2. Rudeness: Just in general. Don’t be rude. Ever. Like, even if you only got 5 hours of sleep, have a test you’re stressed about, your car’s in the shop etc, that’s no excuse to not even at least make an effort. I know sometimes it can’t be helped. Sometimes you accidentally get mad or short with someone. But, even when I wake up, dead tired and without any food, water, or caffeine in my system, I bide my frustration. I try, at least. I always have made that a point; to try and avoid being rude regardless of the situation. Because I hate rude.
  3. Angry People: Everyone can agree here, but I especially can’t handle quick-tempered people. I don’t wanna deal with that. I’m not gonna argue back with a mad person, either, because it will only result in a shouting match. Angriness rubs off on people. If you come at me getting angry or being angry in general I’m likely going to ignore you. And the reason being, if I don’t, I’ll just be angry with you.
  4. Staring: It makes me uncomfortable. You know when you’re looking at your computer or something in the library, and out of the corner of your eye you can see someone peering over at you periodically? Or when you accidentally cut someone off in traffic, and you can just feel their unhappy glare? Well, that aggravates me. I’m not gonna look back because that’s awkward. No, you’re not intimidating me, I just would rather not deal with a person creepily looking at me.
  5. Having an opposing movie opinion: Very specific, but also very pestering. Whenever I go and see a movie that is really popular/getting rave reviews from literally all of my friends, I’m hoping I like it. Because, I know if I don’t, I’ll have to deal with being looked at as some kinda wannabe hipster. Seriously. When I tell people I didn’t like The Revenant, they lose their shit on me. Or, how I think Leo was a weird choice to star in The Revenant. WHAAAT? You obviously are just trying to be different. Everyone loved that movie. Well, not me.
  6. People Who are Allergic to Emotion: ‘Allergic’ in the sense that they refuse to show any, discuss any, or admit they have them. It’s mainly a problem with some guy friends I have. I understand, being overly emotional and gushy is gross, but don’t act like you aren’t upset or never feel anything. Like, it isn’t feminine to be upset. You’re not an impenetrable brick wall, so don’t act like one. Again, just be true to yourself. If you literally never feel emotion, then I guess don’t show it. But, that’s not possible.
  7. Loud noises: Another fairly popular annoying stimulus. As I type this in Starbucks, I’m dealing with this one. First, the people at this location never hide it when they’re having a rough day. The passive-aggressiveness in this store is too damn high. Also, every time they need to rinse a pitcher, they’re literally hulk smashing it on the rinser. It’s so damn loud. And I’ve worked at Starbucks for 9 months now, I know that isn’t necessary. Anything loud just makes me peeved.
  8. Humidity: despise muggy weather. My Mom actually likes it. Whenever we vacation to Florida over the summer, she’s basically in paradise. “It’s only 92 here! Back home it’s 102. So much nicer here!” Well, I disagree- give me 102 and dry over 92 and humid every day of the week. I can deal with dry heat. But humidity is my absolute least favorite weather condition.
  9. Going to Bed Early: Even when I was 6 years old, going to bed at 9 pm was a struggle. I used to do it every night until I was about 13, when I realized I didn’t have to go to bed at 10:30 just because everyone else was doing it. I hated laying down that early. I always wanted to get up and keep doing stuff. So, thus begins the progression of being a night owl. I hate having to stick to a routine as it is, and going to bed before I want to would give me gray hair. Nowadays, I’m better about not staying up too late, but still, sleep when you want to. If you can, that is.
  10. Malls: God I hate spending a day at the mall nowadays. It gives me this uncomfortable middle-school vibe. I am not a fan of shopping, either, but man everything about a mall bores me. I still go, occasionally, if I have nothing better to do, but ugh. Food courts, loud people, little kids, foot traffic, GameStops that have nothing you wanna play, clothing stores you never wanna step in (for me: American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, anything Ralph Lauren), shudder. 

Whew, alright. There you have it. 10 things that grind my gears. Like I said, they’re in no order, and they don’t encompass every one of my pet peeves. I don’t have a whole lot more that stick out to me, though. I just spend half an hour complaining. Man.

Alright. I’m gonna sign off now.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 4:33 PM

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