The Zone

Hello. It’s a cloudy Monday today. The thought of that probably disgusts a lot of people. Monday. Everyone seems to collectively hate Mondays. It’s that day of the week that fuels many small-talk conversations.

“Hey, how’s it going?” “

“Oh, ya know, it’s going alright for a Monday.”

“Yeah, Monday’s blow.” 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that exchange with a customer as they wait for me to finish their coffee drink. I don’t even agree with that. I don’t dislike Mondays. It’s just easier to agree with what the person is saying than to argue. It’s just small talk, after all.

But on that point, the point that Monday’s are a man’s worst enemy, what is the deal with that? I get it, first day after the weekend, first day back to work, Friday night seems light years away. But personally, I enjoy Mondays. That may be because I haven’t scheduled a class on Monday since fall of 2015. Although, even in high school, I never dreaded Mondays all too much. I dreaded the attitude of people on Mondays, yeah, that sucks, but for me, Monday was a day to get stuff done. No one really wants to hangout on Monday, because they’ve got stuff going on. Plus, after a weekend of doing fun stuff and ignoring priorities, it feels good to get back in the swing of things. To me, at least. It feels good to get stuff done, and every once in a while when I’m being productive I get in the zone.

You’ve heard that saying before. Get in your zone. Basketball players get in the zone when they start making every shot they take. Football quarterbacks claim the zone for them is completing their passes like it’s nothing. For me, it’s just getting on a roll, I guess.

The zone, to me, is that state where you’ve comfortably settled in to what you’re working on, whether it be monotonous algebra assignments or a script for a video, and just getting to a state of unconscious flow. Things start getting easier. An hour passes by like a minute. Next thing you know, your homework’s done and you question why you ever dreaded starting it.

There have been plenty of times that I’ve gotten entire essays done in a single day, when I was given 3 weeks to work on it. In fact, that’s one of my “more valid” excuses for procrastination. I’m sure you can relate. I feel like sometimes I’m at my best when I’m working on the clock, when I’m running out of time. It’s because I’m sitting there, putting in effort because I have to, and getting to a point where my fingers are flying across the keyboard and words are racing to the screen. Once I’ve got my idea, for en essay for example, and once I have gotten my pace down, I’m running to the finish line. It all starts coming to me, all of the things I wanna include, the sentences I add, and a 3 week assignment becomes a few hours of effort.

Now, I’m not condoning procrastination here, as in general it isn’t a wise decision. You wanna make sure you’ve got time, that you’re safely going to finish what you need to or want to. For me, I’m making efforts to stop procrastination altogether. Trying to set deadlines, to make to-do lists, etc etc. It’s because I have a procrastination issue, and mainly because I’m addicted to getting in the zone. 

I’ve just gotta find other ways to enter it. Caffeine, motivational videos, thinking, and just flat out effort. Doing things routinely, every day, on good days or bad days. The more you work on something, the greater the chance of getting that precious flow will be.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 3:22 PM

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