GOOOOOD afternoon. It’s Saturday, sunny, and a superb time to write something. Alliteration in action, again!

I’m sitting here, with work at 5, and satisfied with my productivity today. I woke up around 11, which is earlier than usual for me, got out of bed and immediately sprang into action. I had some tasks I needed to get done today.

Saturdays, or any weekend day, are usually days to do what you want. Whether that be watch movies, lay in bed, hang out with a friend, they’re universally seen as “free days” even though many people work the weekends. Normally I’d use a Saturday afternoon to study, but I don’t have  much material to reread for class this weekend.

One of the things I needed to do today was to finally get my H.S. transcripts sent to U of Arizona and UT. They’re the last pieces of the application puzzle, but they are just important as the rest. They need to be sent in and delivered before March 1. But, I showed up to the school to hand the form to the registrar only to discover that they were closed. Duh. It’s the weekend. So, unfortunately I didn’t get that off my list, but no problem, I’ll just go in Monday and try again.

Another more interesting thing I wanted to do today was to finally start my mini documentary on prescription drug prevalence. Ya know, that thing I’ve posted about a few times on here. Well, I did start today.I made actual progress, I filmed a few intro scenes. Even bought a tripod for my phone and cleared up space on it to make room for the clips. I am not going to share any more info on the doc right now, because it’s a surprise, but I’ll go ahead and share the title I’m gonna give it. The Pursuit of Prescription. Pretty creative. eh? I thought so.

But as I sit here talking about what I’m gonna do, I’m trying to be careful not to talk too much about it. Not only because I wanna keep it a secret, but because it’s a bad habit that I fall into time and time again. It’s one of my pet peeves about myself, if that makes sense. Something that I do that I wish I didn’t, and that’s talking but not acting.

It’s super easy to type out a bunch of plans, make a load of lists, and pen a blueprint to a project. That’s simple, and it takes little to no effort. It literally just takes some thinking and some finger movement for typing. The hard part is actually doing it. So many times I’ve conjured up new things to take on, and talked all about them, maybe even began them, and then got lazy and stopped. I’d say that barrier, the barrier of effort is the single most important factor in creativity.

As the great Shia Labeouf once said, JUST DOOO IT. It’s really as easy as that. I have no issue figuring out the root of my effort dilemma, however. It’s not rocket science here. The reason that I don’t complete things is because it can be frustrating. Making a video, for example, can be really fun, but it can also be really annoying to do. Well, then don’t do it, if it frustrates you. You gotta enjoy what you’re doing. Well, no. No. I don’t believe or subscribe to that saying.

Even the most passionate and successful filmmakers/painters/sculptors/writers get this way. It’s isn’t all sunshine all the time. Steven Spielberg has had a bad day directing. He probably has disliked a few days on set. Now, some people like doing things more than others, and I guess the level of interest essentially determines the level of passion. BUT, the point still stands. Applying effort consistently is hard, tedious work. Giving up is easy.

Realizing this, however, that everyone gets tired of what they do at some point, helps me understand another thing. What do you think separates those that find success in their work, and those that don’t? Sometimes, it’s the quality. But all of the times, it’s the effort. If you don’t do all that you say you will to get what you said you would done, well, you won’t get it done. I’d say the hurdle of getting up early on a Sunday to film 2 minutes of footage is something that is going to weed out a lot of people. No one is ecstatic when they have to redraw the same tree 15 times just to get the perspective right. And, I’d say at least half of the people who begin something new, and face a trying day of doing that new thing, will quit. 

For me, I know this is something I need to remember. It’s effort. Effort is the key ingredient to success. I hope in a week’s time, I remember this post, and that no matter how tired I may be, I get up and get to work.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 4:41 PM

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