Stuff That Inspires Me

Wasssup. I got up early today! Doctor recommended I realign my circadian rhythm, so I’m starting to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I woke up at 9:30 today, with no work or school to go to, which is significant because I really haven’t done that in a few years. And, it’s sad, but true. For whatever reason, I always have been a night owl.

The part that’s strange is I really like the morning time. I just also love late night. Being up at 3 am, when the rest of the house is asleep, I’m all alone, looking up stuff about life philosophy, watching people give TED talks, finding stuff that inspire me.

Getting up in the morning is great because you just have more time to do stuff. You can  dictate your day, or have more success with planning it. Part of what makes me stay up late is that I get inspired, or start thinking about life, and just never can stop my mind. I never really wanna sleep; yet I know my body needs it. It’s a war- It has always been difficult to accept I need sleep. Everyone does, but it just feels like wasted time. I can fight sleepiness like a real mafioso. Really, I can.

Anyways, getting back to the point of this post. Inspiration. When I wake up and have inspiration, my day is 100 times better. Now, it’s actually difficult to just wake up and feel inspired. Usually doesn’t happen, until breakfast has set in, coffee has worked, had a good conversation with someone, etc. Point here is that inspiration mostly needs to be manufactured. It isn’t something like happiness, or sadness, that just are built into us and activate themselves almost at random. Some days you wake up kinda depressed, others you wake up feeling like you’re Bruce Almighty. It can really be that random, emotions, they really can be difficult to control.

But certain feelings can be manufactured, without drugs even, and just saying that sounds weird. You can create feelings within yourself. Sounds… like some sort of super power. Well, it’s not- it’s human. Some of these feelings that I find can be created would be inspiration, motivation, blind faith, optimism, pessimism, excitement, even happiness or sadness. Some are just easier to be formed, and some basically rely on you making it happen. Motivation and inspiration specifically, but I have already wrote a post on motivation, so I chose inspiration for this post.

I was feeling a wave of this inspiration at 11am when I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers/people named Jake Roper. Jake runs the channel Vsauce3, which is a branch of the 3 science based Youtube channels under the name “Vsauce”. Now, I’ve been watching Vsauce1/2/3 for years now, but I really took an interest in Jake as a person last year, when I unfortunately found out her had soft tissue sarcoma in his leg, a rare form of cancer. I love the guy, and I nearly cried when I found out via one of his vlogs. He’s one of those people that you just wish we had more of in this world, so the idea that he could be leaving prematurely was just really depressing. I started watching his blogs consistently, and all throughout the utmost horrible circumstances of cancer, he kept a smile. He kept giving, kept finding inspiration despite not even being able to walk for a bit, and he kept creating and inspiring others. He ended up beating his cancer, it remitted mid-year, and he’s healthy again, thank goodness. He will always be a source of inspiration to me, for his handling of one of the worst situations (a terminal illness), and his ability to inspire me and likely all of his viewers.

So, as you can see, I use Jake as a source of inspiration. Not everyone does, but if you wanna, here is his personal channel:

Anyways, these sources for inspiration matter. I’ve found at points in my life that I’m lacking inspiration- so I look for more. It can be hard, so I’ll share with you some of mine, feel free to borrow. Or totally ignore them too, thats fine. Sigh.

Music, TED Talks, certain YouTube personalities, coffee shops, cute girls, and many other things inspire me. But let’s talk about the aforementioned.

Music. Already posted a bit on my music taste, and while it’s not even  fraction of what I listen to, I’m gonna avoid retreading over the same stuff. So there are certain tunes that inspire me more than others. Certain tracks that I’ll play on that 1pm drive to work on an art project. Here’s a mini-inspiration-filled-playlist: Beautiful Day by U2, Ten Feet Tall by Afrojack, The Man by Aloe Blacc, Someday by The Strokes, Glass of Water by Coldplay, Up&Up by Coldplay, The World is Yours by Nas, Congregation by Foo Fighters, Take a Picture by Filter, Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant, Holding On To You by twenty one pilots, Paradise(On Earth) by Cris Cab, Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi, Mechanical by Oliver.

TED Talks. Many young people (as in graduated in the last 5 years) know what a TED talk is; a TED talk is an educational/inspirational speech from a public figure. There are plenty of them, but some of my favorites are: “Why do we ask questions?” by Michael Stevens of Vsauce, “The Most Important Lesson from 83,000 Brain Scans” by Daniel Amen, “Hi, I’m Scott” by Scott Mescudi, “What Really Matters at the End of Life” by BJ Miller, and many more are more than good. You can find all the one’s I listed by just searching the title on

Certain YouTube/Online Personalities. I say YouTube because I, like many of my peers, am a YouTube addict. I love content, I love watching other people’s effort and creativity. I already talked about how I love Jake Roper, but some other YouTubers that I watch to get inspired include Michael Stevens on Vsauce1, Furious Pete (competitive eater and bodybuilder who has beat cancer twice and anorexia(!)), Thoughty2 (science based inquiry channel), Veritasium (another science based channel), Casey Neistat (great video creator, he vlogs his upbeat life in NY and travels), Prince EA (I just love this guy. He makes videos primarily to help motivate and inspire people), and Domics (guy named Dominic who animates stories about his life experiences). Check ’em all out.

Coffee shops. Look, idk why, I just love the smell of coffee and the sounds of indie music, which is commonplace at a coffee shop. That atmosphere/vibe makes me wanna be the next Harvard geneticist. Alright, not exacccttlyy, but it gets me going. Again, I don’t know why a coffee shop vibe inspires me. Obligatory “I’m weird”.

Cute girls. Girls are supposed to inspire guys to get better, so they can feel they have a better chance of getting one of them, I guess. That’s nature. But more specifically, cute girls get me going. I don’t mean really hot women, which I also enjoy, where you just look at them and instantly fall victim to attraction. Those are great, and they’re a fantastic eye candy, but nothing makes me wanna be a better Luca than a really cute girl. Cute in the sense you wanna cuddle it, buy it a coffee, give it your jacket. Not Netflix-n-chill it, but just care for it. I realized I just referred to a girl as an “it”, but you get the point.

I just provided a well of inspiration, I hope. Again, you could look at everything I listed, listen to that entire inspiration playlist, and still feel uninspired. What inspires me may not inspire you. Everyone finds it in different places, but some places are good places to start. I really feel the need to share stuff that I enjoy, because I know many others may enjoy it as well, just haven’t been exposed to it. When I imagine life without some of these spark plugs of inspiration, it seems so ….bland. I’d ultimately find inspiration in other places, but go ahead and take what I’ve set out here on this post, and give it a try. You need inspiration, especially when you wanna get some resolutions done this year.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 1:04 PM

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