2017 Gameplan

So my last post was about reflecting over the previous year. I think it’s healthy to do this, because yeah, you don’t wanna overgeneralize based on a calendar year, but you do wanna see how you did. You wanna see how your life progressed and changed over those most recent 12 months.

On the other side of the coin, though, is that it’s important not to ruminate or be looking at the past for too long. Think of the past as a really attractive girl (or guy if you’re a girl I guess). You wanna peer over and get a good look, but staring is weird and after a certain threshold of time it becomes creepy for both parties involved. Example: Rooney Mara.

Okay, anyways, getting off of that tangent, it’s important not to look back for too long. You wanna try and stay in the present, but looking ahead is a seriously important practice as well, in my opinion. That’s why the term “New Year Resolutions” is such a famous one. Because people like to plan their future, like I said, it gives a sense of control.

I’m always excited about my annual writing down of resolutions. A lot of them will go undone, I recognize, but some will get completed, and that’s why it matters. As promised, I’m gonna put my resolutions here. But first, a personalized definition of resolution: To me, a resolution is something you see in yourself that you want to change. Simple definition, it’s something you’re resolving to do and improve upon. Think about how effective even just successful resolution per year can be. Say you’re 20- if you continue to resolve just one thing per year, by the time you’re 30 you could possibly have changed 10 characteristics about yourself. 10. Can you even think of 10 characteristics you have? It’s kinda difficult. Most people go an entire lifetime without changing 10 characteristics. Anyways, on to the list:

  1. Learn the Guitar A simple, common one for a guy in his early adulthood, I guess. Basic. This, however, is something I tried 3 years ago, and as soon as I began a regular routine, I got the sickest I’d ever been, and couldn’t play for a week. So, naturally, I set it down for a week, and then it was 2 weeks, then 2 months, then 2 years. You get the point. Thus, I’m finally doing it this year. I’m going to legitimately try and play all 365 days of 2017.
  2. Leave for College My plan has always been to be out of the house, out of Dallas by fall 2017. It still should happen, but with my grades recently dropping, my horrible habit for procrastination, and my overwhelming sloth-ness it could be compromised. So, I’m making it a resolution; something more important to me. I consider the things on my list of NY Resolutions to be things of great value; I figure putting this one on a pedestal will heighten the chances of me ignoring all the B.S. and just doing it.
  3. Become friends with more people As it stands, I have as many friends as I want. There’s a catch, however, and that is that they are pretty much all my highschool friends. Since enrolling in community college, I’ve met a small portion of new people. Work has opened the opportunity for more friends. I love all my coworkers. I’ve been pestering all of them to check out my website, so for the ones reading right now, I’m gonna give you all a shout out. Jory, Heidi, Nolan, Felipe, Kiley, Dillon, whoever else, I love you guys. You make work fun, and becoming friends with all of you has enriched my life. Anyways, I wanna meet new people. Especially girls, because I don’t really have a good group of girl-friends. Not girlfriends, but just friends that are girls. I need some new dude-arinos, too, although I’ve got a few amazing ones already.
  4. Make a few social experiment videos Another project kinda thing I’ve been flirting with for years it seems. I have a few ideas, but the main reason I wanna make these videos is to entertain, gain editing skills, and gain confidence. Going up to strangers under any circumstance has always been hard for me, so using a medium like this should help. Some ideas include: “Almost Socializing” (Acting weird by going up to people and stuttering “Hey” then hastily walking off), What is Narcolepsy? (I don’t have it per se, I have hyper-somnolence however, which is kinda like a cousin of it, and learning about the disease over 2016 shows me just how low public awareness of it is. In the video, I’ll be asking Narcolepsy related questions to random strangers to highlight misconceptions and raise awareness), and many others. I don’t wanna expand too much, as I’m sure I’ll dedicate a future post to this topic sometime this year.
  • Improve my health This is a broad topic, a myriad of goals, but to be more specific my aim will be to: get on a better sleep schedule, eat more protein and fat but less carbs, start a new weightlifting routine, and go on more walks and runs. My diet has been subjectively much healthier since 2016 began, but I really stopped hitting the gym, and I gotta make that shit happen this time around. I need to teach myself to get back in the zone and take up the dumbbells.

So that is my tentative list, I suppose. Took a while to think of ’em all, but I’m sitting in my sanctuary that is known as Starbucks, awake and focused with a white chocolate mocha by my side, and ready to dive in.

Here is another thing to consider with resolutions. I find there are 2 categories, one being spiritual/mental resolutions, and the other being “human” resolutions. I’ll explain further: spiritual or mental resolutions are those intangible ones, those ones that you may not have any physical skills or look to show the progress. These would include: gaining confidence, improving self control, working on willpower, learning to love more, etc. I love those. The other kind, what I have called “human resolutions” (kinda sounds stupid-I am aware) would be the tangible changes, the skills, the things you wanna complete. Examples: gaining muscle, getting a partner, getting a job, learning a language, making it into a university, etc. I’ve tried to include both on mine, because I usually only resolve to change things about myself, and subsequently forget that there are actual creations/projects I wanna do. Like learn the guitar, it’s something that I can actively do, and at the end of the year it is super easy to measure:  (Dec. 31, 2017):”Well, do I know how to play 15 step by Radiohead or not?”

Anyways, I gotta stop writing. I want people to actually start and finish my posts. Furthermore, I hope reading this makes you as excited as I am for 2017. You’ll hear everyone saying “2017’s gonna be my bitch! I’m gonna kill it this year”- and while it may be annoying, why don’t you do the same? Even if last year was considerably fantastic, your best year yet in your opinion, this one can be better. It really can, don’t think that you can’t just ride the roller coaster up each year. Just don’t say “2017 is my year!!!” aloud or on social media, think it. To avoid being annoying.

Life is a roller coaster. Yeah, okay, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah. That saying is 50 percent true, in my eyes. Life will always have it’s ups and downs, but you can learn to restructure the tracks to move you up each time. With each new year, you should be ecstatic, as if you keep moving forward, it’s gonna be better than the last.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 3:22PM

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