Looking Back

It’s December 29th, 2016. 2 more full days of the year are left. Just 2. 

And it’s the same question I ask myself around the same time each year: Where did the time go?

Every year really does seem to go by faster. You know you heard that one when you were little. “Before you know it you’re gonna be my age!”I just don’t know if any of us actually believed that the people who told us that were telling the truth. So it seems that with each year that passes, the next seems to pass quicker than the last.

Mathematically speaking, that makes sense. When you’re 8, one year equates to about 1/8th of your entire life. You’ve only known 8 of them, so a year seems like an eternity. Now, talk to an 80 year old, when each year is merely 1/80th of their lifespan. They’ll shrug a year off like it’s nothing.

But this still doesn’t help. Time perception fluctuates, at least with me. For example, why does it feel like just yesterday I was hanging with a friend at a hot tub and talking about how high school was gonna be, yet it feels like a decade since I attended graduation? (It was in 2015). I think it boils down to how drastically your life has changed since that memory. The formula would be: Larger the change=longer ago it feels.

So I take a look back at this specific year, 2016. As goes without saying, a year can’t be characterized by a singular emotion, because each year has 365 days, 55 weeks, 12 months, a million emotions. Although I do like to check at the end of the year, to see how it generally was, and to see how I followed up on my resolutions.

A lot of people hate the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, but I don’t. I realize every day you should be striving to get better. But having the calendar flip just gives everyone, or at least me, a renewed burst of motivation. I always have a document on my computer for the year’s resolutions. Some of 2016’s include:

  • Get a job (did this one! love my job at Starbucks)
  • Workout out more/ Get jacked (Yeah…no)
  • Talk to more people (I tried)
  • Get more confident (Somewhat, yes)
  • Eat healthier (yes, surprisingly)
  • Apply to at least 5 colleges (I’m currently doing that)

As you can see, it’s a wash. I’ve done some, didn’t do others for various reasons. I’ll make some more here in a few days. New Year’s Resolutions:2017 Edition. I’ll probably post them here at some point.

Resolutions are cool because they give you a sense of control over the new year. You feel in power when you have a plan to change things the next year. You almost can feel stronger by just planning to make things happen. But of course what really defines a year in most people’s eyes are the events that happened to you. Not the stuff you tried to do, but what life did to you.

Many people didn’t  like this year from a global perspective. Controversial politics, deaths of many beloved famous people (Bowie, Prince, Jose Fernandez, recently George Michael). It’s safe to say that we have had some strange things happen this year, as with every year though I guess.

My year was actually pretty rough. Again, a year has it’s ups and downs, of course, but I have to say this year I saw as my “intro to adulthood”. Growing up in a suburban neighborhood with both parents, most of my problems prior to being 19 dealt with things in my head, not with actual real world stimuli. Until this year.

This year I faced some situations I never faced before. I totaled my car on the highway. I haven’t been healthy since February. I had my first 2 surgeries this year. I have taken prescription drugs this year, for the first time, against my own desire basically. I failed my first class this year. I’ve has some sort of sleep issue all year, and I just haven’t been myself most of the year.

So, yeah, life threw a lot of shit at me this year, and I have no doubt I’ll have to face even tougher stuff next year. If there is anything though, I was happy this year. Amidst my roughest year yet, I commend myself for reacting the right way nearly every time. I was really scared when I was 5 feet away from my car going 30 feet off the freeway. For the first time I realized the fragility of life. What I learned from these events though, is that it’s how you handle it. 

Look, stupid ass stuff is gonna happen to all of us. Terrible things. Worse things. You can react how you want. I have learned to take my issues this year, and see them as a learning experience. Yeah, it’s cliche, yeah, you hear it 24/7, but seriously. What you get is what you get, what you do with it is up to you. You can’t control life, but you can control how you feel about it. I took my car crash as a reminder that time is money, and I even laughed off the scary incident with my amazing cousin, who was sitting in the passenger seat. I don’t know how I was ready for this year, but I was. I think we all underestimate what we are capable of. When the time comes, you can rise above it. Anything.

There is a saying that I always keep in mind when the excitement and nervousness of a new year is around the corner. The bird on the branch isn’t afraid of the branch breaking- because it puts it’s faith in it’s wings, not the branch. 

So, the year is almost over. Some bad things happened, but some great things also happened. Here is to 2017, may we all get laid this year and all make hella stacks of money and prosper like a God. That’s the note I’ll end this post on.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu,1:57pm

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