Music Taste

What kinda music do you listen to? Music is one of my favorite things, and I feel everyone values it a lot. I don’t believe I have ever met someone who just does not like or enjoy music. Different people like different kinds, as to be expected. Various genres. Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Screamo, R&B, Soul, Blues, Pop, EDM, New Rap, Old School Rap, Hip Hop, Classical, the list goes on and on and on. It’s fairly easy to see that there is a wide range- probably because everyone is a little different when it comes to their music taste.

I have found my music preference has changed vastly and dramatically over the span of my life. Even in the last 2 years or so. To be interesting, I will go ahead and give a brief(somewhat) timeline of my favorite music genres over the years:

  • Ages 0-10: K, I know saying “age 0” is a bit stupid as I clearly wasn’t alive. Whatever, okay? Anyways, this is the earliest time period I can remember having a specific idea of what kind of music I liked. I basically just listened to whatever my parents played on the radio, which, during the early ’00s, was unfortunately a lot of Nickelback and some other decent bands that I just don’t care too much for anymore(Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Three Doors Down, etc) I remember always taking a liking to alternative rock. I preferred the whole softer sound of rock, and one band stuck with me in particular: Coldplay. I fucking loved Coldplay as a wee lad. I loved their first 4 albums, I listened to Speed of Sound and remember “this is my kind of music”. Spoiler alert: Coldplay is still my favorite band to this day.
  • Ages 10-14: Alternative rock seemed to really become my music taste. I just listened to tons of U2, Coldplay, Phoenix, etc. Favorite song during this time was U2’s Beautiful Day
  • Ages 14-17: Okay, it gets interesting here. I battled depression on and off in these years, and my music taste totally changed, way more in these teen years than any other period to date. I started listening to pure rock, not alternative anymore. I kind abandoned Coldplay for the early highschool years (Their 5th album, Mylo Xyloto really didn’t do much for me). I then quickly began to develop a love for grunge rock. Yep. That dead early 1990s genre, of distorted, rough, raw, rock. Soundgarden, Nirvana, early ’90s Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains became my favorite groups. I remember wanting to learn guitar in 11th grade and telling my good friend David that I was going to “buy a guitar, distort the shit out of it, and join a band”. Yeeeaaaaahh. Never did that. I became obsessed with Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun, and I’d go ahead and call that my favorite song during this period.
  • Ages 17-18: Started disliking the rough sounds of grunge. Got tired of it. Reverted back to alternative rock, especially when Coldplay released their single Magic, which I absolutely loved. I accepted Coldplay again, and consequently went back to loving the whole alternative sound. During this time (just like 2 years ago haha) I started enjoying more rap. Not really common mainstream rap like Drake, Lil Wayne etc. though. Some artists I began listening to around these ages include “The Lord of the Sad and the Lonely”(Kid Cudi), Nasir Jones (Nas), and J. Cole. I really like Cole’s voice, same with Nas. I also always felt Cole rapped about more important things in general than say, Drake, for example. Just listen to Grammys by Drake and then follow it up with Lost Ones by J. Cole or Apparently, or St. Tropez. Those are totally different tracks, I realize, but it will highlight J. Cole’s songwriting and feel as opposed to Drake’s more self-centered rapping (that’s my opinion). Drake does have a few songs I like. Ex: Now and Forever, The Resistance, Marvin’s Room, Take Care, Too Much. As for Nas, I just love the man’s voice. I love Kid Cudi as an artist and more so as a person, some of my favorite Cudder tracks include Up, Up, & Away, Mojo So Dope, Erase Me, and Soundtrack 2 My Life.
  • Age 18- now(20): My musical preference has been renovated a lot since I got an aux port in my new 2000 Honda Accord. I still love alternative rock, with Coldplay being my favorite band still. I really have began to dig indie rock, however. I recently started listening to The Strokes, revisiting Phoenix, loving Young the Giant, and various indie songs. Some include Burning by The Whitest Boy Alive, Dark Days by Local Natives, Open Your Eyes by STRFKR, and many by The Strokes. My favorite song since about 17 years old has been Young the Giant’s Cough Syrup, however some other songs competing for it’s spot include Oblivius by The Strokes, Take it or Leave it by The Strokes, Amsterdam by Coldplay, and Shiver by Coldplay.

Welp, there ya have it. A comprehensive, in-depth, chronological look at my ever changing music taste. As you can see, music is a wide range of feels and emotions. Everyone’s taste is different. It’s kinda fun to write this kinda stuff down.

Anyways, what kinda stuff do you enjoy? Think about it. My theory in regards to music taste is this: you pick your playlist by 1) How you feel about yourself (self image) 2) How you feel on the inside and 3)What kind of image you want to show. For me, I like emotional, in depth songs mainly, that access my mind and emotion, and the image I like is kind of a hipster, alternative image. Idk why, don’t ask.

Thanks for reading

Luca DeJesu, 4:04PM


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